Solving distributed data management problems in a microservice architecture

Microservices enable businesses to innovate faster and stay ahead of the competition. But one major challenge with the microservices architecture is the management of distributed data. Each microservice has its own private database. It is difficult to implement business transactions that maintain data consistency across multiple services as well as queries that retrieve data from multiple services.

The solution

The Eventuate™ Platform provides a simple yet powerful event-driven programming model that solves the distributed data management problems inherent in a microservice architecture. The programming model is based on two well established patterns: Event Sourcing and Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS). Eventuate consists of a scalable, distributed event store server and client libraries for various languages and frameworks including Java, Scala, and the Spring framework.

Key benefits of the Eventuate Platform

  • Easy implementation of eventually consistent business transactions that span multiple microservices
  • Automatic publishing of events whenever data changes
  • Faster and more scalable querying by using materialized views
  • Reliable auditing for all updates
  • Built-in support for temporal queries
  • Available as either a service (SaaS) hosted on Amazon Web Services or as an open-source project that you can run locally.

Use cases

  • Applications based on microservices and polyglot persistence
  • Real time, collaborative applications
  • IoT applications
  • Applications where audit logging is essential

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